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Together, we can tackle poverty in the fashion industry. Lets stand in solidarity with the women who make our clothes.

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As COVID-19 causes unprecedented disruption across the world, it’s tough for everyone out there. For the women who make our clothes – already living in poverty, vulnerable from being paid poverty wages for many years – the situation is dire. 

Clothing brands are abruptly cancelling orders from factories and declining to pay for orders of clothes already completed. As a result, supplier factories overseas are unable to pay workers’ salaries and have laid off millions of workers without severance pay. Millions of the women who make our clothes, and their families, risk slipping into extreme poverty.

All work has value and all working people have rights. Workers around the world are in this together.   

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Brands already rely on a system of entrenched exploitation, allowing the women who make our clothes to be paid as little as 62 cents per hour, which is not enough to live on. Our research shows many garment workers are already in debt, borrowing money to survive day-to-day. 

Oxfam’s What She Makes campaign demands big clothing brands pay the women who make our clothes a living wage. Together, with your voice demanding action, and Oxfam’s direct engagement with brands, we urge clothing companies to take the crucial next step in creating a fairer fashion industry.

Living wages in the fashion industry

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